🛠️  Tuesday February 15th, 2022

The Safety Spot website is currently down. We do not know when it will be restored. We apologize for the inconvenience. All training files are currently stored in Box. Please review the training by following the links below and email jubelmakerspace@wustl.edu to confirm which training you have completed.

Our goal is to make access to the studio equipment as easy and efficient as possible. However, some basic training is required to make sure users stay safe and equipment works well.

All members must first view an online orientation to gain access to the makerspace. You can view the online orientation here : Jubel Makerspace AY2021-2022 Online Orientation and Safety Training. Please ignore any references to a quiz – the quiz is temporarily unavailable.

To get access to some equipment, like the 3D printers, band-saw, and drill press, members must complete further training. You only need to complete the training for equipment that you wish to use. Please ignore any references to quizzes in the training – quizzes are temporarily unavailable.



3D PRINTING (Printer Specific)