Our goal is to make access to the studio equipment as easy and efficient as possible. However, some basic training is required to make sure users stay safe and the equipment works well. 

Members will need to enroll in the Spartan Light Metal Products Makerspace course to access the training modules.

  • Complete the FY2024 orientation to become a member and gain access to the studio’s resources. Membership will be active from July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024.
  • To get access to some equipment, like the 3D printers, band-saw, and drill press, members will also complete further training. You only need to complete training for the equipment that you wish to use.
  • If you are a returning member you will need to re-enroll in the course for the new fiscal year and complete the orientation module to reactivate your membership. Your other previously completed training will be automatically validated once you renew your membership.
Step 1

Current WashU students, faculty, and staff should use their WUSTL email to log into WashU Extended Learning.

Step 2

Self-enroll in the SLMP Makerspace course to gain membership and complete equipment training.

Troubleshooting guide 🛠️

If you have issues enrolling, try using an incognito/private window to access the links. Both steps may require that you log in with your WUSTL single sign-on (and DUO authentication if you’re off campus).

  • Step 1: Links to WashU Extended Learning
  • Step 2: Links to WUSTL Box
    • If you have issues accessing the WUSTL Box links, it is likely you created a “regular” Microsoft Box account with your WUSTL email.
    • You will need to contact WUIT to relink your standalone Microsoft Box account to the school’s WUSTL Box account.

For further help, email jubelmakerspace@wustl.edu or contact WashU IT Support

Logging in with the Canvas Student app 🛠️

If you have issues logging into the Canvas Student app directly, first follow Step 1 and Step 2 above using a regular browser. Once you are enrolled in the course, you can then add it to your Canvas Student app. You may need another device for this!

In the app:

  1. Select the dashed line on the top left (next to Dashboard) to expand the menu and select Change user.
  2. If you don’t see the wustl-catalog.instructure.com option, then select the QR Code option and follow the Locate QR code instructions for the WashU Extended Learning platform. You may need to load the QR image on a separate screen.
  3. Once you scan your profile’s QR code, you will be automatically logged into the platform and should see the SLMP Makerspace course on your dashboard.

The Canvas Student app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

What is WashU Extended Learning?

This is different from WashU MyCanvas which is the primary instance of Canvas for Washington University in St. Louis.

The SLMPM training course is set up on the WashU Extended Learning platform which provides access not-for-credit, continuing education, professional development, and other programs.

Bookmark wustl-catalog.instructure.com/login/saml for direct access to the WashU Extended Learning platform.