Got questions about our studio, activities, and resources? Chances are, you’ll find the answers here! For additional information, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

What is a makerspace?

A space that provides access to a wide variety of tools and equipment for prototyping. It fosters a collaborative community that encourages creativity and design. No prior making skills are necessary.

There are also additional on-campus resources that offer various levels of support design, fabrication and repair.

How do I join the makerspace?

Enroll in our course to register as a member and access other training modules.

I was a member last year. Do I have to re-take all my training?

Membership is renewed on an annual basis for the academic year (July 1st – June 30th).

Members only need to retake the orientation module to reactivate their membership for the year.

Other completed modules (on equipment) do not need to be retaken annually.

How do I submit a 3D print job?

The Makerspace uses 3DPrinterOS to facilitate its 3D printing services, allowing members to submit their print jobs remotely.

Completed 3D print jobs will be placed in a labeled plastic bag on the table outside the Makerspace for pickup.

How much does 3D printing cost?

It costs $0.025/gram to print in PLA or PETG on the Prusa and Lulzbot printers. Each job also has a $0.25 base charge. This means that if you have a 24 g print, you will be charged (24 x $0.025) + $0.25 = $0.85.

It costs $0.25/ml for gray or clear resin used on the Form 3 printer. If you have a failed print and we have to print a cleaning mesh, you will be charged an additional $1.00.

Contact us for a price estimate if you would like to use a different type of filament on the Lulzbot printer. If there is a print error due to user error (not printer error), you will be charged for used filament.

Who is eligible to join?

All Washington University students, faculty, and staff are eligible to join the makerspace.

Where is the makerspace?

The makerspace is located on the first floor of Jubel Hall in Room 138. Jubel Hall is in the northeast section of Washington University’s Danforth Campus, just east of Brookings Hall.

How do I make an appointment?

Visit our OnceHub booking page to make an appointment. The makerspace is open for general use during the hours posted on the website and front door.

How do I get access to the equipment?

Most hand tools and basic equipment are available for use once you complete your annual member orientation. 

Some more advanced equipment require training in order to use them. These include the 3D printers, laser cutter, mini mill, power tools, electronics, band saw, and drill press. 

Where can I store my projects?

We do not allow members to leave any projects on the tables or floor of the makerspace. You can reserve a locker and store your active projects. Talk to a staff member about reserving a locker.

How do I purchase materials?

Materials are usually sold at cost. Your Bear Bucks account will be charged for personal projects (not related to a course or research lab).

3D Printers: You must use our provided materials for all of the 3D printers.

Laser Cutter: You are allowed to bring in wood and chipboard for the laser cutter, but you must purchase all plastic and anodized aluminum from the makerspace. 

How do I pay for materials?

Individual Users: Materials bought for personal use are billed though Bear Bucks. For 3D print jobs, new users are automatically credited $20 to their 3DPrinterOS account. This balance is intended for personal prints. To reload your 3D printing balance, you will need to come into the Makerspace to refill your Bear Bucks account. For example, if your balance is $8 and you want to submit a $15 print job for personal use, you will need to come in and make a payment with BearBucks to increase the balance on your 3DPrinterOS account

Course/Research: The Makerspace Studio provides 3D printer filament, Formlabs 3D printer resin and select laser cutter materials (like acrylic) for courses and research labs. The instructor or PI must complete the Course Use Authorization Form or Research Lab Use Authorization Form for these materials to be covered for students using the Makerspace for course/research related activities.

Note to users!

If you submit Prusa or Lulzbot print jobs for an approved course or a research lab, the cost of the print job will initially be debited from your 3DPrinterOS balance. Thus, if you spent $2.50 on personal prints and $10 on prints for a course, your balance should be $20 – $12.50 = $7.50.

We will restore the charges for courses/labs to your 3DPrinterOS balance on a monthly basis. If your balance is too low when you try to submit a print job for a course or research lab, you may email to request an immediate balance adjustment.