I was a member last year. Do I have to re-take all my training?

All returning Makerspace users have to renew their membership by completing the Online orientation and safety training in SafetySpot. If you want to submit a 3D print job, you will need to complete the updated training for the Prusas, Lulzbot and Form 3. If you previously completed online and in-person training for the laser cutter, bantam mini-mill, drill press or bandsaw, you may schedule an appointment to use the Makerspace as explained below.

Where is the makerspace?

The makerspace is located on the first floor of Jubel Hall in room 138. Jubel Hall is in the northeast section of Washington University’s Danforth Campus, just east of Brookings Hall.

Who is eligible to join the makerspace?

All Washington University students, faculty, and staff are eligible to join the makerspace.

How do I join the makerspace?

All Washington University students, faculty, and staff are welcome to join the makerspace. You must complete an online orientation to get access.

How do I get access to the equipment?

Many tools and equipment are available for use once you complete your general orientation. 

To get access to the 3D printers, laser cutter, band saw, and drill press, you must complete further training

How much does it cost to 3D print?

It costs $0.25/10 gram increment to print in PLA or PETG on the Prusa and Lulzbot printers. This means that if you have a 24 g print, you will be charged $0.75. Contact us for a price estimate if you would like to use a different type of filament on the Lulzbot printer. If there is a print error due to user error (not printer error), you will be charged for used filament.

It costs $0.25/ml for gray or clear resin used on the Form 3 printer. If you have a failed print and we have to clean the resin tank, you will be charged an extra $7.50 for lost resin.

How do I submit a 3D print job?

Due to COVID-19, users are submitting 3D print jobs remotely. This reduces the number of visits that members need to make. When the job is completed, you will come to the Makerspace to pick it up. Before submitting any 3D print job, complete the online 3D printer training for the printer you wish to use and download the appropriate software to your personal device (PC or Mac). When you have completed the training and sliced your part, you may submit your print job by clicking here.

NOTE: this form is managed by WashU IT Services. Submitting a 3D print job will generate an email notification to you from WUSTL IT Services, wustl@service-now.com, and will include a targeted link to the self-service portal that allows you to track your 3D print job’s progress and completion. 

How do I pick up a 3D print job?

If your 3D print job is for personal use, you will be paying for your prints with BearBucks. You will be asked to pay for your prints when your cumulative BearBucks balance reaches at least $5.00.  If your cumulative balance is less than $5.00, for your convenience, we will place your job in a plastic bag on the cart outside the Makerspace. When your balance has reached $5.00, we will notify you and you will need to come to the Makerspace and pay off your balance before we will print additional jobs or release your completed job.

If your 3D print job is for research or department use,  you must first complete an intederpartmental charge form. When your print job is ready, we will place it in a labeled plastic bag on the table outside the Makerspace.

How do I make an appointment?

We offer three types of appointments to Makerspace members. You must have completed the online training in SafetySpot to access an online appointment form. Click here to make an appointment.

  1. Virtual Consultation – Zoom with a Makerspace Staff member to get assistance with setting up/using laser cutter, 3D printer, Bantam mini-mill software or general design consultation.
  2. Laser Cutter – Reserve time on the laser cutter. These appointments are 30 or 60 min.  You must complete the laser cutter training on Safety Spot before you can use the laser cutter. Have your design file already prepared (we recommend PDF, .svg, .dwg, or .ai). Please specify the material you plan to cut in the description.
  3. General Makerspace Appointment – Reserve to use equipment and tools in the Makerspace. These appointments are 30 min or longer. You must complete the online training for the equipment before coming to the Makerspace. Please specify in the description the equipment/tools you plan to use while in the Makerspace so we can have them available when you arrive.

How do I purchase materials?

You must use our provided materials for all of the 3D printers. You are allowed to bring in wood and chipboard for the laser cutter, but you must purchase all plastic and anodized aluminum from the makerspace. 

Material is sold at cost and can be purchased using Bear Bucks or an interdepartmental charge form.

Where can I store my projects?

We do not allow members to leave any projects on the tables or floor of the makerspace. You can reserve a locker and store your active projects. Talk to a staff member about reserving a locker.

What is a makerspace?

A space that provides access to a wide variety of tools and equipment for prototyping. It fosters a collaborative community that encourages creativity and design. No prior making skills are necessary.