What is a makerspace?

A space that provides access to a wide variety of tools and equipment for prototyping. It fosters a collaborative community that encourages creativity and design. No prior making skills are necessary.

Who is eligible to join the makerspace?

All Washington University students, faculty, and staff are eligible to join the makerspace.

Where is the makerspace?

The makerspace is located on the first floor of Jubel Hall in room 138. Jubel Hall is in the northeast section of Washington University’s Danforth Campus, just east of Brookings Hall.

How do I join the makerspace?

All Washington University students, faculty, and staff are welcome to join the makerspace. You must complete an online orientation and sign up for an in-person walk through to get access.

How do I get access to the equipment?

Many tools and equipment are available for use once you complete your general orientation. 

To get access to the 3D printers, laser cutter, band saw, and drill press, you must complete further training

How do I purchase materials?

You must use our provided materials for all of the 3D printers. You are allowed to bring in wood and chipboard for the laser cutter, but you must purchase all plastic and anodized aluminum from the makerspace. 

Material is sold at cost and can be purchased using Bear Bucks or an interdepartmental charge form.

Where can I store my projects?

We do not allow members to leave any projects on the tables or floor of the makerspace. You can reserve a locker and store your active projects. Talk to a staff member about reserving a locker.

How can I work here?

Do you like making things? Do you like helping others turn their ideas into reality?

We are looking for enthusiastic Washington University students who want to become a part of a fun and exciting maker community in our new Spartan Light Metal Products Makerspace in Jubel Hall.  

We are no longer accepting applications for the Spring Semester, but you can apply here if you are interested in working next semester.